Lenola info, bio & timeline


The Band:

Jay Laughlin – (live) vocals/guitar (recording) vocals/guitar/bass/keyboards
Dave Grubb – (live) guitar (recording) studio engineering
Sean Byrne – (live) drums (recording) vocals/guitar/keyboards/drums
Scott Colan – bass/lyrics (1994 - 2001)

Additions to live line-up for 2002:

Josh Brown – bass
Jeff Scioli – keyboards/vocals/guitar

Honorary Member:

Chris Laughlin (Jay’s older brother) – artwork & layout for majority of all Lenola releases. Chris also contributed a significant amount of lyrics for the band’s songs.

The Name:

“Lenola” was a section of Moorestown, NJ where Jay and his brother Chris grew up. The town no longer officially exists, but kids who live in that section of Moorestown never surrendered it’s identity. The name lives on within the town in suburban myth and pride.

The Process:

Jay is the primary songwriter, responsible for the majority of music the band has released. Sean has been contributing songs and co-writing several songs with Jay since ’98. Dave Grubb handles all aspects of recording and engineering in the home studio. Jay and Sean work out arrangements and perform the music. Together, the three handle the production duties of shaping the sounds and songs into the final product. Scott Colan and Chris Laughlin both contributed the majority of lyrics used on all recordings.



· Jay, Sean and Dave cross paths in NJ and Philadelphia while in various punk & hardcore bands in the late 80’s. The three of them join up and spend the early 90’s in 2 short-lived local bands.


· Spring/Summer - Jay begins writing songs as Lenola, home-recording tapes on his 4-track. He sends tapes to Sean and Dave and the three rehearse through the summer.

· Sean & Dave create the Tappersize record label to release Lenola music on.

· Fall – They go into a local studio to record 4 songs. Two of those songs are released as the “Colonial 509” 7” in late 1994.

· Jay’s new neighbor Scott Colan is enlisted on bass.


· The band begins playing shows in Philadelphia, Jay continues home-recording more songs, some of which are compiled and sold as cassettes at shows.

· July – their second single “Oh Yes, Jeep is Good” (containing the other two songs from the fall 94 studio session) is released on Tappersize to coincide with the groups first trip west to Chicago.

· Late 95 – the band invests in home-recording equipment and sets up “Poo-Pow” studios in Jay’s living room.


· Winter through spring - “The Last 10ft. of the Suicide Mile” full-length is recorded.

· August – “The Last 10ft…” CD is released on Tappersize.

· November – first full U.S. tour.


· “Poo-Pow” home studio moves from living room to spare bedroom in Jay’s house, creating a separate control room for Dave to work from. Many other rooms in the house are used for recording drums, vocals, guitar, etc.

· Winter through Spring – recording session for “The Swerving Corpse” album.

· October – “The Swerving Corpse” CD is released on Tappersize.

· November – second self-booked U.S. tour


· February through September - Sessions for “My Invisible Name”

· Spring – Sean & Dave release 7” singles from local groups: Photon Band, Lettuce Prey, and The Lucys, marking the first non-Lenola releases for the Tappersize label.

· Unreleased songs from previous sessions are compiled and released as 2 ep’s: “The Resurrection…” 7” on Fuzzy Box records (Feb.98), and “The Day The Laughter Smelled” 12” on Blackbean&Placenta records (Nov.98)


· March - “My Invisible Name” CD released on Tappersize. The label also releases full-length CD’s by The Lucys and Caterpillar.

· Spring – the band plays several local shows in support of the new CD

· May through October – recording sessions for what becomes “Treat Me To Some Life”

· November – the band goes on its 3rd self-booked U.S. tour, this time to support “My Invisible Name” nationally.


· Spring - File 13 is chosen as the label to release “Treat Me To Some Life”, a tentative release date for fall 2000 is set.

· Summer – UK label Earworm releases the “Slipping under the shadows” one-sided 7”, Lenola’s first UK release.

· Summer – Due to a distribution situation with File-13, it is decided to push the release of the “Treat Me” CD from fall 2000 up to spring of 2001. Therefore the band decides to record tracks for a CD-EP to be released in the fall as a preview to the forthcoming album.

· Fall – “The Electric Tickle” CD-EP is co-released by File-13 & Tappersize. It features the track “Slipping under the shadows” from the upcoming record along with 4 other exclusive tracks.

· November – Tappersize releases CD of Sean Byrne’s home-recording project The Twin Atlas “the Philadelphia parking authority must die”


· January – Sessions begin in Poo-Pow on recording new songs. These sessions will continue on & off at a steady pace for the remainder of the year.

· April – “Treat Me To Some Life” CD is released on File-13 Records and Lenola plays several local shows to support its release.

· July – The second Twin Atlas full-length CD “kitchen u.s.a.” is issued on Tappersize.

· October – Lenola embarks on it’s 4th U.S. tour, a new Lenola two-song 7” is released on the 2nd Story label, and a Lenola/Fiver split CD-EP is co-released by Tappersize and Devil In The Woods.

· December – It announced that Scott Colan will be amicably leaving the band after his many years of service. The band performs its last show with him at philadelphia’s Khyber on December 23rd.

· December - After several appearances with Jay & Sean at local Lenola acoustic shows during the past year, their friend Jeff Scioli is officially brought on-board as a new band member handling miscellaneous keyboard/vocals/guitar/percussion duties for live shows.

· By year’s end, the band has recorded almost 25 new songs for their next record.


· January - Josh Brown is brought on-board to fill the vacant bass slot. The band plays its first show with the new line up including Jeff & Josh on January 24th in Philadelphia.

· Spring – The band does a string of shows on the east coast to break-in the new line up.

· Recording continues on what has officially become titled “Sharks & Flames”. It is decided the release the CD as a double CD.

· Summer/Fall – Recording and Mastering concludes work on Sharks & Flames. The Italian label Homesleep is confirmed to release the 2xCD in Europe and the P-Vine label licenses the release for Japan. Local shows continue in the Philadelphia area.

· November – Sharks & Flames is released in Japan.


· February – Homesleep releases “Sharks & Flames” in Europe & UK

In early 2003 Sean decides it is time for him to leave the group. Shortly thereafter, Jay decides to not carry on as Lenola and the group is officially disbanded. Sean continues his home-recording project The Twin Atlas and Jay begins work on the new group Garden State.